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Cases of note:

People v. O. J. Simpson
Rufo v. O.J. Simpson [O.J. Simpson Civil Case]
United States v. Kaczynski [Unabomber]
People v. Phillip Spector [Rock and Roll Hall of Fame]
Schmierer v. Free Love Ministries [Cult Case]
People v. Paul Mack [Peppermill Murder Case]
People v. Jamie Lynne Stone [Daycare Infant Homicide Case]
People v. Thomas [Michele Montoya Murder Case]
People v. Marjorie Knoller [San Francisco Dog Mauling case]
United States v. Tyler Williams [Synagogue Arson Cases]
People v. Andrew Luster [“Heir to Max Factor Fortune”, serial rapist case]
People v.  Mario Garcia [Thunder Valley Kidnaping Case]

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